“Red Light City”

Lecturer: Tsaiher cheng

Time:feb 24 , 2017



On February 24th, 2017, hosted by Future+ , the book launch of “Red Light City” was successful and well-accepted. Many people, both Chinese and Foreigners, were coming for the event. The Shanghai editor for Palgrave also showed up and made a brief introduction about academic publishing.


Tsaiher cheng, the author, architect and urban planner in both Taiwan and Netherland, also the director of Boundary unlimited (www.boundaryunlimited.org) as an intercultural urban research and planning agency based in Amsterdam. The book “Red Light City” is based on her over-years research on red light area in Amsterdam and Hongkong, etc. It discussed about the history, the present situation and the future of these red light cities. More importantly, it aroused people’s awareness of red light district and therefore, to reflect on the strong impact that the sex work has on cities.




Tsaiher made a introduction about her book and her deep research over 8 years in Amsterdam. Her speech helped us to realize how deep impact can “red light area” bring to city. And her effort these years makes it no more an untouchable topic.