Chapter Four

Tomorrow's Spatial practice

The profession is going through a moment of deep rethinking, due to the economic recession, the acknowledgment of the Anthropocene and due to the complexity that concern the contemporary human habitat. As Etienne Turpin’s recent book Architecture in the Anthropocene claims, it is necessary to rethink the whole experience of practices and knowledge taken from the modernity. Hence it is necessary to be aware of the failure of an idea of progress and of an anthropization strategy that are no longer sustainable. Today we can strongly perceive the change of the practice. On one side architectural firms go on with their work that is strictly connected to the neoliberal global market. On the other side, hybrid practices – in form of collectives – develop their work breaking the disciplinary borders to get in touch with other cultural fields. The aim of Tomorrow’s Spatial Practice is to question about which modalities and tools will be able to characterised the profession of tomorrow.