Resillience by Design

Lecturer: Travis Bunt

Time:mar 21, 2017


On March 21, 2017, hosted by Future+ Academy, the lecture “Resilience by Design” was given by Travis Bunt in Shenzhen Water Planning&Design Institute. Travis Bunt, architect and city planner from One Architecture in New York, talked about how to protect the coastal city by using the example of his own project “Big U” for New York after Superstorm Sandy. Travis specifically explained how the project developed from Superstorm Sandy to the concept of the "Big U" to today's coastal resiliency projects in New York City - designing the processes that are reshaping Manhattan's shoreline.


Travis’s talk brings people a new way to think about and solve the sea level rising problem. Besides, he stressed that design should involve residents. And this project wasn’t just for flood protection, but also for helping to improve the life of local people. It reminds the public that we should protect our city instead of just building.