Filming the UrbanTechnology Ecology

Intructor: Joseph Grima、Martina Muzi

Time:Jan 4- 10, 2017 


Space Caviar produced a workshop with design and architecture and film making students in the framework of FUTURE+ Academy. During the workshop the traditional methodology of researching, documenting and visualizing an urbansite were merged with contemporary recording tools (phones camera, drones,surveillance cameras, micro cameras etc..) during a collective open learning urban design experience.

In order to make the understanding of the city accessible to many disciplines the urban design methodologies of representing streets, buildings, and houses should be merged with more open and accessible representation methods and tools. Nowadays,recording both audio and videos and mapping urban spaces are actions which everybody has access to. Documentour surrounding and our relation with space became an everyday activity sometimes not being aware of its potential.





A ground level encounter with a urban site is critically important in order tocontrast the representation tools used by planners/researchers/ experts such asmaps/graphs/satellite imagery which remain inaccessible and disconnected fromthe site.A site in the city was chosen, investigated, documented and edited during the making of a collectiveresearch based film documentation workshop. During the workshop contemporary recordings methodologies were confronted with traditional ones, documenting places and their stories were the approach to a specific urban site and its inhabitants.



Some pictures of the students' vedio: