Build You Own Free Chair

Intructor: Katrine Hesseldahland, Victor Strimfors

Time:March.25, 2017 Saturday 13:00-17:00


In March, 2017, 2 makers from UK, master students of product design in Royal College of Art, Katrine Hesseldahland and Victor Strimfors came to Shenzhen and started their residency project. As the host in Shenzhen, Future+ surpport them with local resources. Katrine and Victor were working on a new model for sustainable distributed manufacturing of products. Based on Shawei and making use of local manufacturing tools and materials, they made sustainable furniture with strong local characteristics.




Shenzhen's maker mivement is always somehow related to high-technology. Based on this fact, Kat and Victor corperate 3D printing and laser cutting etc into the product making process. They also paid attention to user experience. To help users better the understanding of sustainbility, they held a worshop "Build your own free chair" and let them DIY their own chairs.


Workshop Record:



Final presentation: